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    Are you ever out fishing for crappie when all of a sudden they just stop biting? Or maybe you did really good the […]
  • 蓝鳃太阳鱼不咬?试试这些6 Steps
    Generally, bluegill are pretty easy fish to catch. So when they stop biting, it’s important to make some changes to your approach. There […]
  • Build A Great Panfish Setup
    Just getting into panfish? Make sure you have the proper gear. Having the proper gear like an ultralight rod, and razor sharp hooks […]
  • Where To Find Bluegill
    Bluegill can be found all over the US, but some regions have fewer than others. Generally speaking, bluegill are warm water fish and […]
  • Bluegill on Tip Ups
    Tip ups are a great tool when it comes to ice fishing. As I’m sure you know, they allow you to set a […]
  • Do Bluegill Taste Good?
    I love catching bluegill. But to be honest, before this I had never actually eaten one. Everyone says they taste amazing, but do […]
  • Bluegill VS Sunfish
    A few people have asked me what the difference is between bluegill vs sunfish. So I thought it would be good to clear […]
  • Best Bait For Bluegill! (Hint: Not Worms)
    Bluegill are the first fish I ever caught as a kid. They are super easy to catch! Bluegill fishing can be lots of […]
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