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  • 如何抓住草鱼With Bread
    Bread is one of my most effective baits for targeting grass carp. However it’s not the easiest bait to use. It is difficult […]
  • What Does Carp Taste Like? And 6 Steps To Prepare It!
    Carp taste like tilapia, only cleaner and better! They are also much less fishy than whiting. I compare it to these fish because […]
  • What Do Carp Eat? Know Before You Go!
    Some of the most popular carp baits include ingredients like corn, jello powder, bread, chocolate, eggs, flour… But none of these are found […]
  • How Big Can Carp Get? Big Carp of North America
    There are a handful of carp species in the US. But regardless of which species, carp will probably be one of the biggest […]
  • How To Catch Grass Carp
    Grass carp are loads of fun to catch. Although not as common as the common carp, grass carp can be found in most […]
  • Best Bait For Carp Fishing
    Everyone seems to use corn for carp in the US. And corn works great, but eventually the fish will learn that corn hurts, […]
  • What Size Hook For Carp?
    Your hook is one of your most valuable and important parts of your gear. You can catch a carp on a cheap rod, […]
  • How To Fish For Carp
    In Japanese culture, the carp is a symbol of power, strength and a fighting spirit. In the US, many people look down on […]
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