Hi! I’m John

I’m the author of FishingWithBait.com.

I started this website because I love helping people get hooked on fishing.

My favorite childhood memories are of climbing down to a small creek near our home with my dad and younger brother to catch bluegill.

I remember dipping the cheese covered hook into the clear water and seeing a dozen little fish race towards it. It was incredibly exciting.

I was hooked on fishing from that point on. Unfortunately we moved to a new state and my dad was a busy guy.

He was only able take us fishing about once a year if even that. And he is a strict fly fisherman, so anything other than fly fishing, I had to teach myself.

When I got a little older I’d ride my bike to a nearby river and fish for hours. And guess what…

I never caught anything… To be honest I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t know what type of fish were in the river, let alone what type of bait to use to catch them.

My grandpa gave me some books which I read over and over. And when I got a little older, I searched online for tips and local forums. Unfortunately most of the information was so basic it really didn’t help me catch any fish.

I finally made a breakthrough in my early teens when I was able to spend more time on the river banks. I observed other fishermen, I bought a spinning rod, and I fished like crazy. Eventually I had a couple local rivers figured out. I could always catch fish.

Since those day I have continually built upon my fishing knowledge.

My mind was opened to a whole new world of fishing when I moved to Tokyo, Japan for a couple years after high school.

The Japanese have taken fishing to a whole new level. My focus these days is on bait fishing, and I’ll always tie Japanese and Chinese fishing methods together with western styles to combine the best of both worlds.

Japanese fishing setup

I have been through the learning stages, and I want to take what took me decades to learn and condense it for you.

I see many people try to get into fishing only to be frustrated or disappointed because they have tried everything and still can’t get a fish.

Fishing does take work, and if you don’t have someone experienced to guide you through it, then it can be very frustrating.

I want to be that guide for you, and that is why I have built this website.

I hope you enjoy your time browsing around!

– John